Le Temps du Vivant – Elena Mazzi

Nizza, Villa Arson - 10 gennaio 2023, ore 18.00

Per la seconda conferenza della stagione 2022-2023 del ciclo Le Temps du vivant, Villa Arson invita l'artista Elena Mazzi, che terrà una conferenza in inglese dal titolo Questioning territories :

Starting from the examination of specific territories, in her works Elena Mazzi reinterprets the cultural and natural heritage of places, interweaving stories, facts, and fantasies handed down by local communities, in order to suggest possible resolutions to the man-nature-culture conflict. Her anthropological working method favors a holistic approach aimed at repairing the rifts that occur in society. For this talk, she will explain her working methodology as well as focus on recent projects such as The upcoming Polar Silk Road, a work-in-progress project Mazzi is developing in the frame of a practice-based PhD at Villa Arson. The first step of this project has been presented in several institutions, and it is currently on view at the Lulea Biennale (Sweden) and at the Italian Institute of Culture in Lima (Peru).

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